It’s doc­tors, po­li­ce and a bud­ding nin­ja pho­to­grap­her

A bad ca­se of ner­ves had so­me Gra­de 1 le­ar­ners ex­pe­rien­cing their en­try to school as a new day y­a­w­ning.

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It was big dre­ams in tiny new school shoes as Gra­de 1s in P­let­ten­berg Bay star­ted their school ca­reer on Wed­nes­day.

The­re was ba­re­ly a te­ar to be found a­mong P­let­ten­berg Bay P­ri­ma­ry School’s ne­west mem­bers, but the sa­me could not be said a­bout their pa­rents and grand­pa­rents, so­me of w­hom be­ca­me a bit e­mo­ti­o­nal as they left their litt­le on­es to ta­ke on this new jour­ney.

The first hour at school was s­lig­ht­ly tax­ing on a few of the kids, who could not help but sne­ak a stretch and a y­a­wn in as te­a­chers ex­plai­ned the school’s ru­les to them.

The tiny le­ar­ners look­ed proud in their ex­tra whi­te, s­lig­ht­ly o­ver­si­zed shirts, new school shorts and skirts and shiny school shoes. Their i­de­als al­so ma­t­ched their new at­ti­re. “I want to le­arn words, num­bers and a w­ho­le lot of ot­her t­hings,” A­bu­se Ma­ca­la said as she sat do­wn to wri­te her na­me on her new work­book.

She ho­pes that Gra­de 1 would be a step­ping sto­ne to be­co­ming a doc­tor w­hen she grows up.

‘I want to ma­ke a lot of mo­ney’

Her school desk ma­te Dy­lan M­cCal­lum said he is very keen on le­ar­ning a­bout num­bers. “I want to be an en­gi­neer w­hen I’m do­ne with school. I want to ma­ke a lot of mo­ney,” was how the litt­le le­ar­ner mo­ti­va­ted his ca­reer choi­ce. In the next de­ca­de or two South A­fri­ca is li­ke­ly to ha­ve a few mo­re doc­tors and te­a­chers, jud­ging by the Gra­de 1s’ dre­ams for the fu­tu­re.

“I would li­ke to be a po­li­ce. I want to pro­tect pe­op­le and put bad­dies in pri­son,” Gi­ta­na Lom­bard said.

An­je­ne O­ber­hol­zer wants to be­co­me a te­a­cher. “I think it is ni­ce to be a te­a­cher,” she said.

The­re are al­so a few bud­ding sports­men and wo­men a­mong them. E­rik Goed­hals, whi­le he does not re­al­ly know w­hat he would li­ke to le­arn in Gra­de 1, he knows for su­re that he wants to be a pro­fes­si­o­nal cric­ket play­er.

So­me litt­le on­es had wil­der dre­ams for their fu­tu­res. Sa­mu­el S­tan­der said he wants to be a “nin­ja pho­to­grap­her” w­hen he is big. “I will go out at nig­ht and do sta­ke­outs. I’ll ta­ke pho­tos of the bad guys and then ta­ke the pho­tos to the po­li­ce so that they know w­he­re they are and can ar­rest them,” Sa­mu­el said.

F­re­drich Fou­rie al­so has lar­ge dre­ams. He wants to o­pe­ra­te big cra­nes and “pick he­a­vy stuff up”. “With tho­se cra­nes you can pick a­ny­thing up, e­ven a roof,” F­re­drich said.

One of their te­a­chers A­ni­na Du­ar­te said the litt­le on­es ad­jus­ted quick­ly to their new sur­roun­dings. “I on­ly had one with a few te­ars, but the­se we­re soon go­ne,” Du­ar­te said.

Pho­tos: E­wald S­tan­der

The new Gra­de 1s at P­let­ten­berg Bay P­ri­ma­ry S­chools seem to be a cu­ri­ous bunch and had ma­ny que­s­ti­ons for their new te­a­chers.

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