N2 crash claims fi­ve

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Fi­ve pe­op­le, in­clu­ding a mot­her and her three daug­h­ters, we­re kil­led in a crash that occur­red on the N2 highway ne­ar Sed­ge­field on Tu­es­day mor­ning 8 Ja­nu­a­ry.

Ac­cor­ding to Wes­tern Ca­pe traf­fic chief Ken­ny A­fri­ca, the ac­ci­dent occur­red at a­bout noon w­hen a Toyo­ta E­ti­os, car­rying a wo­man and three child­ren, col­li­ded with a VW Ca­ra­vel­le mi­ni­bus on the Swart­vlei brid­ge.

Two wo­men and three child­ren a­ged three, four and 11 we­re kil­led on im­pact. The occu­pants of the E­ti­os ha­ve been i­den­ti­fied as P­hum­ze­ka Fo­lo­se-Pla­tyi, and her daug­h­ters Mihle, N­tan­do­ka­zi and Iy­a­zi.

All occu­pants in the E­ti­os we­re kil­led as well as a wo­man in the mi­ni­bus. She has sin­ce been i­den­ti­fied as a tou­rist. Her coun­try of o­ri­gin was not dis­clo­sed.

The por­ti­on of ro­ad w­he­re the ac­ci­dent occur­red was clo­sed with a stop/go in pla­ce for se­ver­al hours and was e­ven­tu­al­ly cle­a­red af­ter 15:00. –

A­fri­ca P­ho­to: Ken­ny

The sce­ne of the ac­ci­dent ne­ar Sed­ge­field in which fi­ve pe­op­le we­re kil­led.

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