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CX’s Covid figures decrease

- Blake Linder

REGIONAL - With figures having risen last week, both Knysna and Bitou's active and total new cases have dropped once again this week, with the latter seeing the smaller decrease.

Vaccine registrati­ons continue to increase and the number of vaccines administer­ed continues to rise in the province and in the district.

As at Monday 30 August a total of 1 738 763 people had registered for vaccinatio­n in the Western Cape. In the Garden Route district there was a total of 162 491 registrati­ons, an increase of 11,01% (+16 120) on last week's total.

The Western Cape had administer­ed 2 000 869 vaccinatio­ns by Tuesday, with 191 229 of those in the Garden Route.

On Tuesday 31 August, Knysna had recorded a total of 7 544 cases of Covid-19, of which 6 887 have recovered, 227 have died, and 430 are active cases.

This indicates a total of 200 new cases in the seven days between 24 and 31 August, which is a 30,55% decrease (-88) from the previous week.

The number of active cases also dropped by 21,68% (-119) this week, reaching the lowest number in almost two months. The recovery rate has risen to 91,29% (89,52% last week). The deaths have however increased for the 11th week in a row with another rise of +6, with the mortality rate still on 3%.

In Bitou as at Tuesday,

3 799 Covid-19 cases had been recorded, with 3 425 having recovered, 119 having died, and 255 being active cases. This shows a total of 124 new cases recorded between 24 and 31 August, dropping by 28,74% (-50) from last week. With the active cases decreasing by the small margin of 1,54% (-4) this week, it is the second-highest number in the third wave, behind last week.

The recovery rate here has also risen, to 90,16% (89,74% last week). The deaths have risen by one this week and the mortality rate stands on 3,1%. For the first time, Knysna will have a weekend vaccinatio­n site with the Knysna Town Hall site set to be open to administer vaccines to registered members of the public between 09:00 and 14:00 on Saturday 4 September.

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