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Vaccinatio­n drive still powering on

- Blake Linder

REGIONAL - The vaccinatio­n drive continues to power on at local, district, and provincial level with more and more people registerin­g and receiving their vaccines each week.

The Western Cape's vaccinatio­n has been ongoing for months, but continues to pick up new momentum each week. Up to Tuesday 7 September the Western Cape had seen a total of 1 878 147 people registered to receive their Covid-19 vaccine. The 35 to 49 age group carries the bulk of registrati­ons with 613 959, followed by the 60+ group with 492 678.

This is followed by the 18 to 34 group which has seen 423 554 registrati­ons, with the 50 to 59 age group trailing behind on 347 956.

Meanwhile, in the Garden Route, on Tuesday there had been a total of 175 049 vaccine registrati­ons, an increase of 7,72% (12 558) from last Monday.

The 60+ age group stands on 62 809 registrati­ons, the 50 to 59 group on 34 346, the 35 to 49 age group has 50 421 registrati­ons, and the 18 to 34 age group has seen 27 473 registrati­ons.

When it comes to actual vaccines administer­ed, last week the Western Cape Department of Health once again managed to administer more than 200 000 vaccines to the citizens of the province.

They also opened the very first drivethrou­gh vaccinatio­n site in the province at the Athlone Stadium in Cape Town. Previously, when it rained, there had been lower turnout at vaccinatio­n sites, but according to the department it was evident at the drive-through that people want to be vaccinated.

They could stay in their car while being vaccinated and not feel a drop of rain. The total vaccines administer­ed stands on 216 961 for the week between 30 August and 3 September:

■ Monday – 40 963

■ Tuesday – 43 006

■ Wednesday – 43 057

■ Thursday – 43 150

■ Friday – 46 785

As at 7 September the province had administer­ed a total of 2 281 290 vaccines to its citizens. This is the third-most of all the provinces in the country, behind only KwaZulu-Natal (2 347 221) and Gauteng, that is leading the way in SA with 3 596 842 vaccinatio­ns administer­ed so far.

The total number of vaccines in the Garden Route is 211 422, which means the district has contribute­d 9,27% of the province's administer­ed vaccines.

 ?? Photo: Blake Linder ?? The Knysna CDC has played a large role in the administer­ing of vaccines in the town.
Photo: Blake Linder The Knysna CDC has played a large role in the administer­ing of vaccines in the town.

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