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Muni’s plan for refuse site


The municipali­ty has drawn up various plans to deal with the garden refuse site at the end of Old Toll Road in Upper Old Place, which has repeatedly fallen victim to fires over the years.

"The garden refuse site was once again temporaril­y closed due to a fire at the end of July," said Knysna Mayor Elrick van Aswegen. "We have various short-, mediumand long-term plans in place to try avoiding similar situations in the future and to streamline the management of the site." According to a municipal press release issued on Monday 30 August, the platform on which the site is located will be divided into four blocks to separate wet, dry and green waste to allow for easier fire control. Also in the short term, it is proposed that the operating hours are amended to 09:00 to 15:00, Monday to Friday, to ensure that operationa­l and other site issues are completed by the end of the workday. The site will be closed on weekends and public holidays. Access will be controlled by law enforcemen­t or security officers to ensure that only permissibl­e waste is allowed onto the site and that vehicles don't enter the facility more than three times per day. Vehicle capacity will be limited to three tons.

"We will hire a TLB to clear waste and provide access to the top of the site," said van Aswegen.

"We'll also make use of a chipper to reduce the volumes on site. As garden services are the main users of the facility, we'll schedule a meeting with them to discuss certain issues and encourage them to chip on site and so reduce the volume of waste that is brought to the site."

The medium-term plan will see the municipal front-end loader repaired. 50% of the targets for the diversion of green waste from landfill, based on the Norms and Standards for the Diversion from Landfill (DEA 2013), will be reached by 2023 and 100% by 2027.

"In the long term we will call for proposals for a private-public partnershi­p," said van Aswegen. "The licence for the municipal garden refuse site in Old Place expires on 15 January 2029, but the decommissi­oning of the site must commence before 15 January 2025."

 ?? Photo: Knysna Municipali­ty ?? The entrance to the Garden Refuse Site in Upper Old Place.
Photo: Knysna Municipali­ty The entrance to the Garden Refuse Site in Upper Old Place.

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