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When re­search­ing camp­ing ablu­tions, we came across sim­i­lar prod­ucts to those avail­able in South Africa in Bri­tain and Aus­tralia that had far more en­gag­ing names, such as the ‘Bogin­abag’ (Bog in a bag) toi­let stool – much like Camp­mor’s Toi­let Stool that we fea­ture be­low. The most de­scrip­tive was the El­e­men­tal Thunder Down Un­der por­ta­ble bucket toi­let, not to be con­fused with the dance act Thunder from Down Un­der (much like the Chip­pen­dales). We di­gress. Now that you feel the need to take a shower to purge those men­tal images, may we draw your at­ten­tion to some gear that will have you ship­shape and sparkly in no time. On the out­side any­way.


This 20-litre so­lar shower is fairly typ­i­cal in de­sign, con­sist­ing of a heat-in­su­lat­ing water bladder with a hose and shower head. We like the fact that this so­lar shower has a tem­per­a­ture gauge and that it can be at­tached to a roof rack with a roof rack shower arm, which you can buy from Front Run­ner. It has a handy front pocket for soap and sham­poo, vel­cro straps to help mount the shower, a large filler cap and an easy to use on/off shower head.


Lift­ing 25 litres of water (roughly 25kg) to a height above your head ev­ery time you want to shower is one way of body build­ing. How­ever, with Tentco’s bucket shower there’s no need to put your mus­cles un­der strain when you’re on hol­i­day. This heavy­duty PVC shower comes with ropes and a pul­ley sys­tem to make hoist­ing the whole sys­tem a breeze. Al­ter­na­tively, it can be hung from Tentco’s col­lapsi­ble spi­der frame (sold sep­a­rately for R350).

FIAMMA BI-POT There are those who ven­ture out into the great out­doors and are not happy with the thought of or­ganic bush ablu­tions. A hole in the ground just won’t suf­fice. If that’s you, Fiamma’s Bi-Pot is an ef­fec­tive, yet less nat­u­ral, an­swer to your prob­lem. This pot is a por­ta­ble, chem­i­cal toi­let that comes in two parts and in three dif­fer­ent sizes. It has a sturdy han­dle for easy trans­port and side clips to con­nect the up­per and lower tanks.

You put fluid (that bi­o­log­i­cally breaks down waste) into the lower tank. Usu­ally formalde­hyde is used, al­though there are more en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly op­tions like Aqua Kem Green (not avail­able lo­cally). The up­per tank is partly filled with water, fol­lowed by what­ever your body cares to add...

There is a flush lever that when pulled, suc­tions the con­tents into the lower tank, from which it can be emp­tied later through a ‘large waste cap, with no drain­pipe or clog­ging prob­lems’.


For those whose thigh mus­cles cringe at the thought of squat­ting, the Camp­mor Toi­let Stool of­fers a con­ve­nient so­lu­tion. This well-thought-out chair de­sign folds flat for easy stor­age and trans­porta­tion. What sets it apart from your reg­u­lar camp­ing stool is the large hole in the mid­dle of the PVC fab­ric ‘to aid the dis­posal process’. You can ei­ther use a bag liner in the hole or po­si­tion your­self over a pre-dug hole. Some­times it’s the sim­ple so­lu­tions that work best, just make sure you’re seated on level ground so that you don’t tip over in the mid­dle of do­ing your daily doo-doo.


Un­usual as it may seem to com­bine cook­ing equip­ment with your daily wash­ing rou­tine, the Kariba Spin­ner EI is de­scribed as an ‘all-in-one, ul­tra-com­pact and light­weight camp­ing gas ap­pli­ance’.

Water is not stored in­side this con­trap­tion. In­stead, it uses gas to raise the am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture of water, from a re­cep­ta­cle of your choice, by up to 25 de­grees (an on/off gas con­trol dial reg­u­lates the flame height to ad­just water tem­per­a­ture) and then the 12V DC 4.1L sub­mersible pump sends the water through the sys­tem to the show­er­head, de­liv­er­ing a flow rate of 4.1 litres per minute.

When you want to cook, the Kariba Spin­ner is flipped up­side down (180 de­grees) and with ‘a few mi­nor ad­just­ments, it be­comes a pow­er­ful cooker ca­pa­ble of boiling a litre of water in less than four min­utes’.

The ap­pa­ra­tus is de­signed to be used by up to five peo­ple with a lim­ited daily duty cy­cle, to pro­vide hot show­ers and up to three cooked meals a day.


We love the ‘Loo-Loo’ moniker at­trib­uted to this shower or toi­let tent. Un­like the pop-up cu­bi­cles, Kampa’s shower tent comes with guide ropes that se­cure it to the ground to stop a nasty gust of wind from air­lift­ing the ‘bath­room’. The tent has a 120x120cm floor area and is 225cm in height. It also fea­tures a front zipped door and a rear vent and a shower hook in­side.

PRICE R360 WHERE Front Run­ner Fron­tRun­ner­out­fit­ters.com/en/za

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