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Much of the global pop­u­la­tion live in devel­op­ing coun­tries with huge dis­tances be­tween towns and with very lit­tle in terms of pub­lic trans­port, be it by road, rail or air. Of those who can af­ford a ve­hi­cle, many have to buy used cars with 250 000km on the odo.

Per­fectly in­sane Euro­peans want to ban vehicles with in­ter­nal com­bus­tion en­gines al­to­gether. They fol­low ide­olo­gies that don’t even work on pa­per, let alone in prac­tice. They think that we all live on flat sur­faces near power out­lets and (like them­selves) live within a small ra­dius from work and leisure.

When I ar­rived at work the other day at just past 7am, I passed a car be­ing recharged (pic­tured). Eight hours later, it was still plugged in. It needed more than the al­lowed 3.5 hours. What if there was a business meet­ing on the other side of the city, mean­while, with­out the op­tion of pub­lic trans­port? Just 126km, shall we walk? Re­mem­ber, it is 126km back as well, with no charg­ing ports along the way. This isn’t a USB de­vice.

A typical hol­i­day or even business trip in our coun­try could eas­ily be 1 600km. This dis­tance re­quires one or two fuel stops of 15 min­utes each. You can’t at­tempt a trip like this in an elec­tric ve­hi­cle.

We live in a coun­try with barely suf­fi­cient elec­tric­ity to keep the lights on, as it stands. In ru­ral areas, there is cur­rently elec­tric­ity for only a few hours per day, but even cities with many mil­lions of cit­i­zens each, have ex­pe­ri­enced load shed­ding from time to time since 2008. When you can recharge an elec­tric ve­hi­cle in 15 min­utes, let it run at 120km/h for eight hours, then we can talk. En­sure that it can be recharged at the small­est ham­let, then we can talk.

Now over to to­tal in­san­ity: the same id­iots want­ing to ban in­ter­nal com­bus­tion en­gines, build mon­strous vehicles with up to 16 cylin­ders, each pro­duc­ing enough power, it seems, to counter the ro­ta­tion of the Earth when tied to a tree. These have three diff-locks, low range, a 6.3 litre bi-turbo en­gine with stump-pulling power and a price tag to drain the blood from your face. This is what some peo­ple need to pick up milk from the mall? There must be a pot­hole in the road?

These should be banned. We don’t need this indulgence: a car with its own pri­vate hole in the ozone layer, who needs that? If you need that pukka 4×4, get one with a diesel en­gine tweaked with a bot­tle of blue, as it mostly emits harm­less wa­ter and ni­tro­gen.

The med­i­cal pro­fes­sion can lend a hand here as well. Maybe the crazy politi­cians and some car man­u­fac­tur­ers can have their con­di­tion treated. In in­sti­tu­tions safely away from the so­ci­eties they threaten, along­side the cloud gu­rus and engi­neers.

Any­body who thinks that re­mov­ing his pol­lu­tion from his own ad­dress, to then pol­lute the en­vi­ron­ment at a power sta­tion else­where, re­ally is loony. Es­pe­cially when he then thinks he’s sav­ing the planet. Are they de­mon pos­sessed? There has to be a tablet, in­jec­tion or straight­jacket that could help for that.

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