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Its mas­sive tyres aside, the Aton Im­pulse Vik­ing ac­tu­ally looks like a fairly typical 4×4. Un­like the DUKW, for ex­am­ple, the Vik­ing doesn’t look like a boat with wheels. It looks, well, like a pukka off-roader. It’s ar­guably the best­look­ing am­phibi­ous ve­hi­cle around. But there is a catch: the three-ton Vik­ing is pow­ered by the same lit­tle 1.8-litre VAZ en­gine that pow­ers the Lada Niva. The Rus­sian be­he­moth is a tad un­der­pow­ered, then. The en­gine de­vel­ops 61kW of power, and pro­vides a top speed of only 60km/h. It can man­age around 15km/h on wa­ter. On the plus side, though, the tyre pres­sures can be ad­justed on the fly, and the sus­pen­sion can be raised by an ex­tra 250mm when nec­es­sary. Sure, it’s slow and im­prac­ti­cal around town, but the Vik­ing is a re­spectable am­phibi­ous 4×4.

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