1972 TOY­OTA FJ40

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The 40 se­ries could be fit­ted with a PTO winch straight from the fac­tory. No fancy elec­tron­ics nor ca­bles nec­es­sary, thank you very much.

In­stead of all that, the FJ40 was equipped with a third gear lever, used to en­gage the PTO point. From what we can tell, most peo­ple use it for winch­ing, but it can be put to use in other ways, too. Thanks to the avail­abil­ity of var­i­ous joints and shafts, there are a few unique and quirky ap­pli­ca­tions the PTO can be used for.

The most shock­ing we found was a saw bench with a cir­cu­lar saw at least one me­tre in di­ame­tre. That sounds like a recipe for disas­ter to us.

At least Toy­ota thought its cus­tomers might try some­thing like this, so ev­ery fac­tory winch was fit­ted with a safety pin hold­ing ev­ery­thing to­gether. If the load could no longer be main­tained, the pin would drop.

Dan­ger­ous it may be but we kind of like the idea of a 4.2-litre cir­cu­lar saw.

THE GOOD: A 4.2-litre Land Cruiser pow­er­ing a saw? It doesn’t get more mas­cu­line than that. THE BAD: A 4.2-litre saw might re­sult in fin­ger loss. CAN IT 4x4: Yes. You can saw your way straight through any­thing.

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