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Ev­ery month I have to deal with the frus­tra­tion of the late de­liv­ery of my subscription copy of Leisure Wheels. It is nor­mally on the shelves for a num­ber of days be­fore I get my copy.

Sev­eral mag­a­zines use the same ven­dor in my area. Things have got so bad some­one gave him my num­ber and he called me to ask me to phone him if I have a prob­lem with de­liv­ery.

I con­tacted him re­gard­ing non-de­liv­ery of my Septem­ber is­sue af­ter see­ing it on the shelf to­day in a garage con­ve­nience store. His re­sponse was that it was de­liv­ered four days pre­vi­ously and sent me a photo of my front gate.

This proves noth­ing! In ef­fect he is call­ing me a liar. The bot­tom line is that I have not yet got my copy of Leisure Wheels and I would like to lodge a for­mal com­plaint against this in­com­pe­tent ven­dor.

He is not do­ing your pub­li­ca­tion any good by his poor ser­vice. I look for­ward to re­ceiv­ing my copy of Leisure Wheels but now it has be­come a monthly source of frus­tra­tion.

Mike Par­sons, Cape Town

Sorry to hear about the is­sues you are hav­ing re­ceiv­ing your copy of Leisure Wheels, Mike. Manag­ing subscription de­liv­er­ies in re­cent times has turned into a big chal­lenge, mostly due to the fail­ing postal sys­tem, and in­dus­trial ac­tions. As if me­dia com­pa­nies don’t have it tough enough with the printed me­dia un­der in­creased pres­sure... now we also bat­tle to get our prod­ucts to the con­sumer, too.

Which is why we have, where pos­si­ble, re­verted to the hand de­liv­ery ser­vice, as you sub­scribe to. Un­for­tu­nately, as your sit­u­a­tion demon­strates, it’s also not per­fect. We are fol­low­ing up with the sup­plier to try and find a suit­able so­lu­tion.

In the mean­time, for our sub­scribers who re­ceive their mag­a­zines through the postal ser­vices (or don’t, more likely), some sad num­bers (at the time of writ­ing):

• Wit­spos post dis­tri­bu­tion hub

(Jhb): 29 mil­lion let­ters and mag­a­zines on back­log • Tsh­wane hub: 6.4 mil­lion let­ters and mag­a­zines on back­log • Bloem­fontein: Back­logs are min­i­mal and man­age­able • KwaZulu-Na­tal: 1.8 mil­lion

let­ters and mag­a­zines on back­log • East­ern Cape: Back­logs are

min­i­mal and man­age­able • Western Cape: One mil­lion

let­ters and mag­a­zines on back­log.

There’s an old say­ing that states you are only as good as your weak­est link and at the mo­ment, get­ting the prod­uct we spent so much time and ef­fort cre­at­ing into the hands of our read­ers seems to be ours. We are nev­er­the­less look­ing at all op­tions to rec­tify the mat­ter.

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