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When he isn’t donning his Bat­man mask, Bruce Wayne prefers driv­ing around in a Lam­borgh­ini. So, what do you drive at night if your daily car is ba­si­cally two seats strapped to a mas­sive V12 petrol en­gine?

The an­swer is a Tum­bler and while it may look like just an­other over-the-top prop car, this one works. That’s what makes this Bat­mo­bile so spe­cial com­pared to all the oth­ers be­fore it: the Tum­bler can ac­tu­ally do ev­ery­thing it did in the movie.

Weigh­ing in at over 4 000kg and equipped with four 37-inch tyres at the rear, the Tum­bler re­quired a fair amount of power.

Chevro­let was more than happy to pro­vide a mod­i­fied V8, though no of­fi­cial power fig­ures were ever quoted.

It could sprint to 100km/h in five sec­onds and it had a top speed of 160km/h.

Price: A to­tal of five were built at R3.5 mil­lion each. Can it 4×4: It can jump be­tween build­ings, so it prob­a­bly can.

Mak­ing a great movie re­quires great cast­ing choices and this in­cludes se­lect­ing the right car for the job. Who can for­get the Bul­litt Mus­tang, Mag­num PI’s Fer­rari or the Minis used in The Ital­ian Job?

Are there any iconic movie 4×4s? While it’s usu­ally only sleek and sexy mod­els which are used for film­ing, there are more than a few ex­am­ples of mem­o­rable 4×4 cast­ings over the years, so much so that it was quite dif­fi­cult cut­ting the list down to just six.

Lara Croft’s mod­i­fied Land Rover De­fender didn’t make the list, nor did Gen­eral Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. Okay, so the 1969 Dodge Charger wasn’t a 4×4 but that car spent 90% of its time go­ing side­ways on a coun­try road so it counts.

To make the process of nar­row­ing the list down eas­ier, we set­tled on only us­ing 4×4s from crit­i­cally ac­claimed movies and one tele­vi­sion se­ries.

In or­der of cool to pos­i­tively cov­ered in liq­uid ni­tro­gen, our favourite movie 4×4s of all time are...


If we’re hon­est, both th­ese cars are a bit rub­bish but they were made cool by the man who drove them.

He’s called Tal­la­has­see and he re­ally hates zom­bies, so he chooses his ve­hi­cles ac­cord­ingly. His first choice was the Es­calade, equipped with a snow scoop at the front and an en­tire ar­se­nal of weapons in the boot.

Af­ter los­ing said Cadil­lac, he went for the most ob­nox­ious Amer­i­can car of all, a yel­low Hum­mer H2.

Tal­la­has­see paints the num­ber 3 on the door of each new car, a ref­er­ence to racer Dale Earn­hardt, who also had a rep­u­ta­tion for an ag­gres­sive driv­ing style.

Price: Not much. You could get a Hum­mer H3 for around R200 000. Can it 4×4: No for the Cadil­lac, yes for the Hum­mer.


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