1983 GMC VAN, THE A-TEAM, 1983 TO 1987

Leisure Wheels (South Africa) - - GEAR -

How can a van make our list? If you’re ask­ing that ques­tion, you’ve prob­a­bly never seen The A-Team.

The owner, me­chanic and driver of this fa­mous van was, of course, BA (Bad At­ti­tude) Bara­cus and his sheer will and de­ter­mi­na­tion got this van places a nor­mal van wouldn’t go.

We love it, be­cause it was as much a mem­ber of The A-Team as any of the guys. It had flaws and it oc­ca­sion­ally broke but that gave it a hu­man-like qual­ity that we fell in love with.

Price: Repli­cas sell for around R500 000 in the US. Can it 4x4: Yes, but only with BA be­hind the wheel.


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