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Okay, at R1 500 this may seem pricey but one slightly de­flated tyre can quickly have an ef­fect on your fuel costs. And that’s not to men­tion the safety is­sues that come with a tyre that is slowly de­flat­ing.

An ex­ter­nal sen­sor at­taches to each of the tyre valves, pro­vid­ing you with real-time data on the pres­sure and tem­per­a­ture of your tyres while you’re on the go. The sys­tem is easy to in­stall and op­er­ate, with the minia­ture LCD dis­play plug­ging into your car’s cig­a­rette lighter port.

The sys­tem en­sures you’ll be able to de­tect prob­lems such as a leak­ing tyre be­fore a po­ten­tial ac­ci­dent. Au­dio and visual alarms send out warn­ings when­ever pres­sure or tem­per­a­ture reaches un­com­mon lev­els.

This one comes with a 12-month war­ranty.

We reckon one of th­ese giz­mos makes a lot of sense.

PRICE: R1 560 WHERE: www.bidor­buy.co.za

WE LIKE: Any­thing that makes our petrol last longer

WE DIS­LIKE: On their web­site, they spell tyre ‘tire’. Well come on, what did you ex­pect ask­ing a sub ed­i­tor to write this piece?

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