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I must ad­mit, I was never one to rush to a fill­ing sta­tion the day be­fore a fuel price in­crease to fill the tank to the brim, just to save a few rand.

I tried once. There was a queue of frus­trated mo­torists wait­ing in a line. Two of them started bick­er­ing with each other be­cause one sup­pos­edly pushed in. They squared off, like two Bangkok hook­ers fight­ing over a tourist bran­dish­ing a thick wad of US dol­lars. There was plenty of cir­cling, wav­ing arms, shout­ing about each other’s moth­ers.

I’m still not sure if they ac­tu­ally knew each other’s moth­ers.

Thank­fully, it never came to blows. Or a knife- or gun­fight. I even­tu­ally man­aged to fill my ve­hi­cle’s tank and saved about R35, just as the im­pa­tient old lady wait­ing in line be­hind me started hoot­ing and hurl­ing pro­fan­i­ties, in­di­cat­ing to me to get out of the way.

In the spur of the mo­ment, I al­most said some­thing about her mother, but I wasn’t sure her mother would still be around. And I didn’t want to upset the dear old thing.

So I thought bet­ter of it and gave her a friendly wave with my one fin­ger. And I also de­cided that R35 may be R35 but it wasn’t quite worth all the dis­union.

With the fuel price hit­ting record lev­els, I’ve started in­dulging in diesel hunt­ing. Be­cause the diesel price is only a sug­gested re­tail list­ing (and not reg­u­lated as is the case with petrol), there are huge price dif­fer­ences be­tween some fill­ing sta­tions. I’ve started to take more no­tice of ac­tual diesel prices and you’d be amazed at the dif­fer­ences.

At one fill­ing sta­tion I paid R16.10 per litre. At an­other, R17.30. That’s a vari­ance of R1.20 per litre. So if I had to fill up an 80-litre dou­ble cab bakkie diesel tank, I’d save R96! That’s at least a six-pack of beer. Or half a movie ticket!

Some sta­tions run ‘week­end spe­cials’ where they drop the price of diesel even lower.

So keep your eyes peeled, and take note of those diesel prices. You can eas­ily save a few bob just by shop­ping around.

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