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“For your baby to drain your breast well, both his cheeks need to touch your breast, so it’s im­por­tant to take the an­gle of your nipple into ac­count when po­si­tion­ing, latch­ing and breast­feed­ing,” says Geral­dine. “Your breast size of­ten de­ter­mines where your nip­ples point. Larger breasts typ­i­cally, but not al­ways, point down­ward slightly. Smaller breasts typ­i­cally point for­ward. No­tice where your nip­ples point and po­si­tion your baby ac­cord­ingly.” If you have larger breasts and your nip­ples point down­ward, you’ll prob­a­bly find the un­der­arm or “rugby” po­si­tion more com­fort­able. Roll your baby un­der your breast a lit­tle, so both his cheeks touch your breast. This en­sures your en­tire nipple is com­fort­ably in his mouth.

If you have small boobs with for­ward-fac­ing nip­ples, the cross-cra­dle po­si­tion – where your baby lies across your lap – will be most com­fort­able.

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