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So your lit­tle one is asleep, and all is calm − un­til it isn’t! “It might just be some­thing that would wake her at home, like a wet nappy,” says Lucy, “so deal with this as you would nor­mally. But she might be wak­ing be­cause she’s no­ticed some­thing out of the or­di­nary in the room and needs re­as­sur­ance.” Hear­ing your voice will re­lax her, so try “shh­hing” or re­peat­ing, “It’s OK dar­ling”. “If she doesn’t set­tle, try putting your hand gen­tly on her and qui­etly sing a lul­laby,” sug­gests Lucy.

“If that doesn’t work, pick her up and give her a cud­dle and, when you put her back into the cot, leave your hand on her for a minute.” Keep ev­ery­thing as soft and low-key as pos­si­ble, and re­mem­ber the first rule of hol­i­day club: what hap­pens on hol­i­day, stays on hol­i­day. “If you de­cide you want to feed her to get her back to sleep, do it,” says Lucy. “You’ll need to spend some time un­do­ing that habit when you get home, but if it helps right now, it’s fine!”

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