I IS FOR in­tro­duc­ing Santa Claus

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Do clowns give you the hee­biejee­bies? Your baby might feel the same about Santa. All that fake fa­cial hair means she can’t see whether he’s happy or sad, which makes her ini­tial re­ac­tion one of dis­trust. But re­as­sure her that the man in red is a good egg, and she’ll be smit­ten: Ex­plain who Santa is, where he lives and what his job is. The more nor­mal you make it, the more re­as­sur­ing she’ll find it. Give her a good rea­son why Santa looks like he does: “His suit is red be­cause that helps the rein­deers find him in all the snow at the North Pole.” When you en­counter Santa, keep your child in your arms or hold her hand, and don’t push her to in­ter­act with him more than she wants to.

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