and be­came a Bant­ing Bud­dies coach so that I can help oth­ers feel as good as I do!’

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Anne Leary Smith has lost 30kg since go­ing low carb

Anne Leary Smith was over­weight and al­ways ex­hausted. When she reached al­most 100kg, the light went on. Now her low-carb lifestyle has helped re­lieve her daugh­ter’s epilepsy, too.

‘Istrug­gled with my weight all my life. As a teenager I was so self-con­scious. I tried so many di­ets. I tried the soup diet, re­place­ment meals, diet shakes, the cab­bage diet, the grape diet… the list goes on. Los­ing weight was not the prob­lem. Keep­ing it off was! I’d lose weight then usu­ally put it all back on, and more.

I’d also tried low-carb, high­pro­tein pro­grammes with some suc­cess. Then I went on the HCG diet [an ex­treme diet that in­volves in­jec­tions of the hor­mone hu­man chori­onic go­nadotropin], which fol­lows low-carb prin­ci­ples. HCG was just not sus­tain­able but I’d joined some HCG Facebook groups and that’s where I came across Bant­ing. The more I read,

the more it made sense. It also seemed doable. I was tired of starv­ing my­self, feel­ing hun­gry and al­ways hav­ing crav­ings.

I started my low-carb jour­ney about two years ago. I liked that Bant­ing was a lifestyle, not a diet. Be­ing able to en­joy good food that was healthy was what ap­pealed to me. En­joy­ing food and not feel­ing de­prived or hun­gry was a to­tally new ex­pe­ri­ence – and I was los­ing weight at the same time! I was over­joyed.

It can be dif­fi­cult to fol­low this lifestyle, though. I made some changes but I didn’t re­ally un­der­stand it fully. I wasn’t to­tally com­pli­ant. Old habits die hard. Un­til I was fi­nally fat adapted I con­tin­ued to have crav­ings and I didn’t re­ally see no­tice­able changes. Be­fore that I cheated and ev­ery time I cheated and went off track I went back to square one. Dur­ing the first three to seven days af­ter go­ing back to eat­ing low carb I felt ex­hausted and ex­pe­ri­enced bad headaches. I fi­nally re­alised just how ad­dic­tive and toxic sugar and carbs are.

About a year ago I de­cided to get se­ri­ous. That’s when I started to get con­sis­tent re­sults, which was en­cour­ag­ing. It is rare for me to ex­pe­ri­ence crav­ings now. In the be­gin­ning I did but I made a de­ci­sion that I re­ally needed to do this for my health. It took hav­ing a goal and hav­ing self-con­trol for the crav­ings to be re­duced prop­erly. When you get to the point of feel­ing good, not craving food and hardly feel­ing hun­gry, it be­comes so easy to stay there.

Be­ing over­weight was acom­panied by the chal­lenges of fa­tigue and brain fog. I also suf­fered from gall­stones and kid­ney stones but I didn’t re­ally as­so­ci­ate all these prob­lems with obe­sity un­til I made the changes and ex­pe­ri­enced the dif­fer­ence. Af­ter about two to three months I no­ticed that I had a lot more energy and was able to con­cen­trate bet­ter and think more clearly.

I’ve cut back on al­co­hol but my main ‘cheat’ is wine. I’ve de­cided that this is a lifestyle, not a death sen­tence, and I will en­joy the jour­ney. My diet is 95% Bant­ing and I stick to dry wine. I en­joy a glass or two with my hus­band and when out with friends on oc­ca­sion – just not ev­ery day.

If I fall off the bant­wagon I no longer beat my­self up. I of­ten don’t feel great if I’ve had too much wine or eaten the food I know I shouldn’t and that’s enough to make me want to get back to eat­ing the food that makes me feel fan­tas­tic.

I love the way I feel now and love the way I look. I don’t ever want to go back. Low-carb eat­ing is en­joy­able and sus­tain­able; it’s hard to ex­plain how good it feels un­less you have felt it for your­self. I no longer think that it takes willpower be­cause I en­joy good food, feel sat­is­fied and no longer ex­pe­ri­ence crav­ings. I have lost 30kg. I started at 98kg and re­mem­ber freak­ing out that I was al­most in triple dig­its as I never wanted to be over 100kg. I am now 68kg and am still slowly los­ing both weight and cen­time­tres.

When I started to feel so much bet­ter and fully un­der­stood the health ben­e­fits I grad­u­ally changed my fam­ily’s diet and now we all eat low carb. I knew that I wanted my fam­ily to feel as good as I did and to be healthy and I found my chil­dren were happy to eat the same food as I do. I’d also read that a ke­to­genic diet was orig­i­nally de­vel­oped to con­trol seizures in peo­ple with epilepsy. My three chil­dren all ex­pe­ri­ence seizures and I’ve al­ways strug­gled with the idea of giv­ing them med­i­ca­tion. My twin boys ex­pe­ri­enced the side ef­fects of anti-con­vul­sant med­i­ca­tion so I de­cided not to med­i­cate my daugh­ter but to try a fairly strict Bant­ing diet in­stead. She’s been seizure free for the last six months!’



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