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South Africans are the most obese and over­weight peo­ple in sub-Sa­ha­ran Africa, ac­cord­ing to a 2016 re­port by The Heart and Stroke Foun­da­tion South Africa. Nearly two thirds of our women – and one third of our men – are clas­si­fied as over­weight or obese, with an enor­mous 40% of women pre­sent­ing as obese.

What’s sad­dest about these sta­tis­tics for us is that it’s not just the adults, who are re­spon­si­ble for their own di­ets – it’s also our kids: one in four girls and one in five boys be­tween the ages of two and 14 are over­weight or obese.

Be­cause it’s harder to ex­er­cise when you’re over­weight these kids of­ten don’t – and that’s a prob­lem in its own right, quite apart from the health is­sues that re­sult sim­ply from be­ing over­weight (type-2 di­a­betes, heart dis­ease, stroke, high blood pres­sure and joint pain, to name just a few). Not only is there a strong link be­tween ex­er­cise and a sense of hap­pi­ness and well­be­ing, it’s also true that reg­u­lar ex­er­cise be­comes a habit, and mov­ing your body is a worth­while habit to learn when you’re young be­cause you’re much more likely to keep it up as an adult.

Un­for­tu­nately, the cur­rent state of af­fairs high­lighted by these stats means that our over­weight kids have a strong chance of grow­ing up to be both un­healthy and un­happy – if we don’t do any­thing about it, that is. The good news is that time is on our side and it’s an easy prob­lem to fix: low-carb liv­ing is not only a sim­ple and healthy way to drop weight quickly, it’s also an ex­cel­lent way to keep it off in the long term.

The fact that you’re read­ing this editorial means that you have al­ready taken that step in de­ter­min­ing to take con­trol of your own health, so well done to you! It’s a rip­ple ef­fect – when oth­ers see how good you look and, more cru­cially, how well you feel, it in­spires them to do the same. Both Anne and Es­ther, who share their re­mark­able turn­around sto­ries with us this month (pages 6 and 24, re­spec­tively), men­tion how their own chil­dren and ex­tended fam­i­lies were en­cour­aged by their suc­cess to do the same, with great re­sults.

To­gether we re­ally can change the world – or at least move it on to health­ier and hap­pier ground.

‘Let’s do this!’

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