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If you have some time to spare – 1:17:29, to be pre­cise – you might be in­ter­ested in this pre­sen­ta­tion on YouTube: ‘An Ad­van­taged Meta­bolic State: Hu­man Per­for­mance, Re­silience & Health’. It’s by Peter At­tia, a med­i­cal doc­tor who’s been ‘ob­ses­sively read­ing every­thing on the sci­ence of nu­tri­tion’. He also has a blog, The Eat­ing Acad­emy, in which he gets pretty tech­ni­cal, but the video is com­par­a­tively ac­ces­si­ble. Peter shares his path from ‘fit but fat and metabol­i­cally de­ranged’ to ‘fit, lean, and metabol­i­cally di­aled in’. He shares his ex­pe­ri­ence of the keto diet – both first-hand and in oth­ers.

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