I hope you are now ready to let go of dairy for­ever! If not, here’s the slower route:

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Week one

The lac­tose (sugar) in milk fu­els your sugar ad­dic­tion so step one is to dis­con­tinue milk and use a sub­sti­tute such as co­conut milk, or even co­conut cream, or home­made al­mond milk (make it your­self; the bought ver­sion con­tains nasty ad­di­tives). If you can’t go cold turkey mix 50% nut milk with 50% cow’s milk but it’s best to tran­si­tion im­me­di­ately to al­mond or co­conut milk. Do this for a week and I guar­an­tee you’ll love it in no time at all. Put it in tea, cof­fee, or wher­ever you pre­vi­ously used cow’s milk. Ex­tra en­cour­age­ment for those want­ing to shed a few ki­los: home­made al­mond milk con­tains 0.6g carbs per cup, full-fat milk con­tains 11.49g carbs per cup and skimmed milk con­tains even more. Cut down on cheese this week by a third.

Week two

Try co­conut cream in­stead of yo­ghurt at break­fast – it’s a lot more sa­ti­at­ing, doesn’t con­tain hor­mones or carbs and, if you add some berries or nuts, it’s ut­terly de­li­cious. Bet­ter yet, change to eggs for break­fast to give you the nec­es­sary nu­tri­tion and energy for the day. Eat cheese only ev­ery sec­ond day this week and no more milk from this week on­wards, just the al­ter­na­tives.

Week three

Limit cheese to the week­end – and ei­ther keep it that way or stop al­to­gether. If you can’t bear not to have it re­serve a sprin­kling of grated cheese for week­ends. If you have dairy in­fre­quently and are rel­a­tively healthy you won’t ex­pe­ri­ence side ef­fects from lim­ited ex­po­sure.

Week four

If you must have ice cream you can make it from co­conut milk and nut milks – the taste is al­most iden­ti­cal. Find good Pa­leo/low-carb recipes on the in­ter­net. Cut out all dairy other than but­ter. Next, stay off all dairy for a full four weeks and keep a jour­nal of your well­be­ing. You’ll be sur­prised at how well you feel!

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