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LOSE IT! - - Inspiration -

• Don’t give carbs any headspace. If you do this you’ve al­ready lost the bat­tle!

• Make sure you sup­ply your own needs at so­cial gath­er­ings to avoid giv­ing in to food you’ll re­gret eat­ing.

• There are de­li­cious low­carb al­ter­na­tives for just about every­thing un­der the sun and peo­ple tend to en­joy those dishes more than the high-carb ver­sions.

• You have to change your mind­set. This is not a quick fix or a diet… it’s a change for life. If you keep the back door open you are not ready for this lifestyle. This re­quires com­plete com­mit­ment.

• Peo­ple are al­ways search­ing for the elixir for longevity. They pay a small for­tune for pills, lo­tions, in­jec­tions and treat­ments, to no avail. This is it: just eat real food. It doesn’t get any sim­pler than this, yet peo­ple hes­i­tate.

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