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1¼ cups wa­ter 2 tbsp gela­tine pow­der 150g rasp­ber­ries, puréed and strained 1½ cup low-carb vanilla ice cream, soft­ened des­ic­cated co­conut, to gar­nish

1. Place ¼ cup wa­ter in a small bowl, sprin­kle the gela­tine on top and let it stand un­til it has set. Place the rasp­ber­ries in a small pot, add 1 cup wa­ter and bring it to a sim­mer, add the set gela­tine and stir un­til the gela­tine has dis­solved com­pletely. Re­move the pot from the heat and let it cool slightly. 2. Add the soft­ened ice cream to the pot and stir un­til it has com­pletely melted and com­bined. Pour the mix­ture into 4 serv­ing dishes and chill them in the fridge un­til the mix­ture has set. 3. To serve: Serve the jelly chilled with co­conut sprin­kled on top.

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