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1. What has been the most chal­leng­ing as­pect of go­ing LCHF? Los­ing weight! I know the the­ory; I’ve stud­ied the sci­ence. Luck­ily, I had ac­cess to the top ex­perts in the field to help me fig­ure out that it was be­cause of an un­di­ag­nosed thy­roid con­di­tion. It was only un­di­ag­nosed be­cause no one had done the right blood tests. The key to Bant­ing suc­cess­fully is to ad­just the diet if you have health is­sues. For ex­am­ple, I don’t eat Or­ange List fruits, but I do eat Or­ange List veg­eta­bles. Most peo­ple think you have to keep your carb in­take in­cred­i­bly low, but that can ac­tu­ally be ad­justed.

2. What has your sup­port sys­tem been like? As a Bant­ing coach, my sup­port sys­tem in­cludes top Bant­ing ex­perts.

3. Are you ever tempted to cheat? Never, and I think it comes down to un­der­stand­ing the diet. I know what it does for my body, so I don’t see any rea­son to cheat.

4. What has been the big­gest high­light? Def­i­nitely help­ing others.

5. How has your over­all health im­proved? I used to be so tired dur­ing the day that I had to nap be­tween clients, but that has changed with the med­i­ca­tion. Since I started Bant­ing, all my eczema is gone. Gluten was the big­gest trig­ger. And, be­cause I’ve added good carbs, I’m stronger. I’ve al­ways worked out but I didn’t have much phys­i­cal strength. Now I can lift much heav­ier weights than when I was eat­ing very low carb.

6. How did you deal with neg­a­tive com­ments on your progress? Peo­ple would say, ‘You’re sup­posed to know it all. You work with Sally-Ann and you’re still not los­ing weight!’. I re­ally bat­tled with that, be­cause they didn’t un­der­stand that what works for you doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily work for me. But when I went for my check-up last year my doc­tor weighed me and was amazed at the weight I’d lost com­pared to the pre­vi­ous year.

7. How has un­der­stand­ing the sci­ence helped your progress? When you don’t un­der­stand the sci­ence, you won’t fol­low the diet as you should. You might think, ‘Oh, I’ll just have LOSE IT! Vol­ume 24 one slice of bread to­day’, but it takes weeks for the ef­fect of that bread to work it­self out of your body.

8. Have you con­verted any other fam­ily mem­bers and friends? Def­i­nitely; our en­tire house­hold is lowcarb. My hus­band and I started do­ing low-carb to­gether, and my son, who is 13 years old, also eats low-carb. He is a life­saver, so ob­vi­ously he eats a lot more pro­tein than I do.

9. Do you drink? If so, how of­ten? I do drink oc­ca­sion­ally, but it’s never been some­thing I’d do ev­ery night. If I go to book club with the girls, I’ll have a glass of wine or cham­pagne. So I’m not go­ing to give up drink­ing com­pletely, but I do re­strict how much I drink.

10. Ad­vice for would-be LCHF-ers? Un­der­stand the diet. Get any health is­sues you may have di­ag­nosed, and ad­just your diet ac­cord­ingly – don’t just give up if it doesn’t work for you straight­away. You will reap the ben­e­fits in the end.

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