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Mag­ne­sium is the fourth most abun­dant min­eral in our bod­ies and is re­spon­si­ble for over 300 func­tions. Here are some you may not know about:

• Con­verts food into en­ergy

• Helps cre­ate new pro­teins from amino acids

• Cre­ates, re­pairs DNA and RNA

• Plays an in­te­gral part in the con­trac­tion and re­lax­ation of mus­cles (that’s why it’s good for the heart)

• Low­ers and nor­malises blood pres­sure; pre­vents headaches and mi­graines

• Reg­u­lates the ner­vous sys­tem: helps with anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion

• Helps reg­u­late blood sugar lev­els and re­duces the risk of in­sulin re­sis­tance There are too many ben­e­fits to list here, but you get the pic­ture.

Find­ing mag­ne­sium in food is not dif­fi­cult, but some­how peo­ple re­main de­fi­cient. So un­less you eat a lot of the fol­low­ing, a sup­ple­ment of 200–400mg a day won’t go amiss.


• Pump­kin seeds

• Spinach and Swiss chard – both cooked, not raw

• All dark, green leafy veg

• Figs and ba­nanas

• 70%+ dark choco­late, and or­ganic cof­fee

• Black beans

• Quinoa, cooked

• Fish – es­pe­cially hal­ibut, mack­erel and salmon

• Al­monds and cashews

• Avo­cado

• Seafood

• All red meat

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