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Iron is an in­ter­est­ing nu­tri­ent – we need it des­per­ately, but too much is ex­tremely dan­ger­ous. Do not take iron un­less you are a men­stru­at­ing woman or your health provider has as­cer­tained from a blood test that you are lack­ing iron. Anaemia is not al­ways due to iron de­fi­ciency, but iron-de­fi­ciency anaemia is a state where iron is needed. Iron helps to carry oxy­gen around the body; it is an im­por­tant con­stituent of haemoglobin – the ac­tual sub­stance in red blood cells that car­ries oxy­gen around the body. Many other sys­tems such as the en­docrine sys­tem de­pend on iron, as do en­zymes and en­ergy. Be aware though that there are two kinds of iron: one is iron from an­i­mal prod­ucts (called heme iron – and this is the best and most ab­sorbable type), and plant iron (called non-heme iron, which is poorly ab­sorbed and not at all the same as heme iron).


• Liver

• Grass-fed beef

• Spinach

• Sar­dines

• Black beans, lentils

• Pis­ta­chios

• Raisins

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