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When Taco Bell first launched in America, its menu of tasty Mexican cuisine was trumpeted with the slogan: “Cross the Border”. The firm’s latest venture requires a swift rewrite. In the latest twist of globalisat­ion, Taco Bell is planning to subdue a new territory with Mexican burritos and tacos — Mexico.

In a daring consumer assault akin to selling sacks of ice to the Eskimos, the American fast-food chain has opened the first in what it hopes will become a chain of 300 restaurant­s south of the border.

Taco Bell has even taken out a half-page newspaper ad in an attempt to brand the chain as American. The advert reads: “One look alone is enough to tell that Taco Bell is not a ‘taqueria’. It is a new fast-food alternativ­e that does not pretend to be Mexican food.”

Yet the advert has not placated critics such as Carlos Monsivais, a pop-culture historian, who said: “It’s like bringing ice to the Arctic. Taco Bell wants to take advantage of the perception that if something comes from the US, it tastes better.” The Scotsman, 11 October

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