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Covid-19 globally in a nutshell


It was a good week for South Africa as it was announced the single-dose J&j/janssen Covid-19 vaccine — manufactur­ed by Janssen Pharmaceut­icals, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson — is 85% effective against the emerging global Covid-19 variants. South Africa might soon get some of these vaccines to speed up its Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. There are global concerns about the nearing Easter weekend, which could cause Covid-19 infections to rise again significan­tly. France has implemente­d new nightly curfews for four weeks stretching across Easter. Germany also announced a special Easter lockdown, but no sooner were the restrictio­ns announced as withdrawn again after heavy criticism from citizens. In Brazil, another grim milestone was reached when the country’s daily death toll reached a new record of more than 3000 Covid-19 deaths. President Jair Bolsonaro failed miserably when he assured citizens that they will “very soon return to normal life.”

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