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O“We must call it by its rightful name ... it’s Sharpevill­e Day. They call it Human Rights Day so that they distort the history of

SA, so you don’t know what this day is about. This is a day where black people were killed by white people because black people were fighting for the rights of black people. Human Rights Day for who, for what, where?” — Economic Freedom Fighters’ leader Julius Malema during a 21 March address

“In the past weeks the department has had to ensure that all member states identified by the African Union vaccine acquisitio­n team as recipients of the vaccines, are compliant and have obtained all regulatory approvals, permits and licences to roll out the vaccines in their respective countries.” — Health Minister

Zweli Mkhize confirms that South Africa’s batch of Astrazenec­a vaccines has been sold to other countries

“Everyone always talks about female athletes inspiring young girls … but why can’t we inspire boys as well? …When I was little, there weren’t any female footballer­s on the television so when I was playing football with my brother, when I scored a free-kick, I would be like: ‘I’m David Beckham!’ Now, you can say: ‘I’m Steph Houghton!’ and it shouldn’t be frowned upon. Steph puts free-kicks into the top corner … Why wouldn’t a little boy want to do that?” — Manchester City Women defender Lucy Bronze on gender equality in sports

“We are now basically in a new pandemic … Essentiall­y we have a new virus ... Significan­tly more deadly, significan­tly more infectious [and] infectious for longer.”

— German Chancellor Angela Merkel, justifying her move to send Germany into another hard lockdown. She later walked back her statement and cancelled the lockdown

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