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Mabuza told to resolve ANC’S factional wars in Tshwane

- Lizeka Tandwa

ANC deputy president David Mabuza was asked to resolve challenges faced by the regional executive committee (REC) in Tshwane or disband that structure during a meeting with disgruntle­d party members on Monday afternoon.

The meeting was convened with more than 20 party members, who are disgruntle­d about the party’s candidate list for this year’s local government elections. Two ANC members who attended the meeting, spoke to the Mail & Guardian.

Scores of ANC members camped outside St Georges Hotel in Tshwane as the ANC sat with disgruntle­d members in a peace-making mission.

The meeting, which was also attended by deputy secretary Jessie Duarte and former president Kgalema Motlanthe, is said to have become heated when members blamed the “dysfunctio­nal” REC for the party’s woes.

The ANC has been on a mission to allay concerned party members, who have alleged that its council candidate selection process was manipulate­d and rigged by some regions and branch leaders.

The M&G understand­s that Mabuza and Duarte told members in attendance that matters related to the regional executive and the disputes

would be dealt with after the elections.

“The comrades told us that we had to first get a clear mandate from Tshwane before any discussion on the regional issues is confronted. They assured us that a delegation of NEC [national executive committee] members would come back after the elections to assess the situation,” said one ANC member who attended the meeting.

Speaking to the M&G on Tuesday,

Tshwane regional secretary Eugene Modise said that calls for the REC to be disbanded were not new, adding that the call for the region to be dissolved came from people eyeing positions.

“Almost all disbandmen­ts in regions did not bear the fruits that we wanted. What is important for our organisati­on and leaders is to unite the people to work together in terms of the conference resolution­s,” he said, adding that the region had done a good job in dismantlin­g the Democratic Alliance and protecting the interest of communitie­s since the DA took over in 2016.

Modise added that the meeting with disgruntle­d party members “went well”. He said that people listened to the leaders and left motivated to go on the ground and campaign.

Election violence

The ANC has placed much of its elections machinery in Tshwane to avoid any unrest.

Recently ANC councillor Tshepo Motaung, was gunned down execution-style in what is believed to be a politicall­y motivated hit related to the party’s candidate selection process. The ward 22 councillor in Mabopane was shot at least 20 times by unknown hitmen.

Speaking to the media on Monday, head of elections Fikile Mbalula said the security cluster was on high alert, and that reports of gangsteris­m related to the ANC’S process were under investigat­ion.

“Thugs have infiltrate­d the ANC … People are being killed,” Mbalula said.

Modise added that the security cluster had picked up on a group calling itself Boko Haram, which had infiltrate­d the ANC.

“Earlier on they were targeting projects and not the organisati­on, but because there is a link between projects and councillor­s, they managed to sneak themselves into the organisati­on.

“Their attitude is that whoever emerges as a councillor must be from their side or must be influenced by the cartel,” Modise said.

“This is taken seriously. This is not the only grouping, there is another grouping in Mamelodi ...They were frustratin­g the entire community of Mamelodi. They invaded hostels and are running a programme of people paying protection fees on a monthly basis. We are aware — even the branches involved have been identified,” he added .

Mbalula said the party was dealing only with 10 legitimate disputes from the region, characteri­sing all the others as frivolous.

“The NEC has taken a decision that all these matters will be attended to after the elections. The committee will deal with these matters meticulous­ly. They will then, after the investigat­ion, make recommenda­tions to the NEC,” Mbalula said.

“Where it is found that some of the processes have been manipulate­d, the decision of the NEC will be to the effect that some of those processes will be reviewed and, where necessary, there will be by-elections in those areas.”

 ?? Photo: Sharon Seretlo/gallo Images ?? In the hot seat: David Mabuza says disputes in Tshwane will be dealt with after the elections.
Photo: Sharon Seretlo/gallo Images In the hot seat: David Mabuza says disputes in Tshwane will be dealt with after the elections.

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