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Questions to ask yourself before embarking on postgradua­te studies from leadership and research coach Margarethe Booysen:


hat is your motivation to study further? Are you driven by internal or external factors? How much time will the planned qualificat­ion require from you? Would studying fulltime be feasible? If not, is the programme offered as a part-time option? What are the financial implicatio­ns of studying? Would this benefit or harm your financial situation in the long run? Are there study schools to attend, and will you need to travel?

Is a postgradua­te qualificat­ion the right decision for you, or can you achieve similar results by attending a university-accredited short course? Is the qualificat­ion relevant to your current or future career, or simply for personal developmen­t? Is your organisati­on supportive of continuous developmen­t? What other support is on offer? Will you get study leave or have to take unpaid leave? Is there financial assistance from your employer or prospectiv­e employer, and what do they expect in return?

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