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Speras Flashlight­s


MAGNUM RECEIVED TWO Speras flashlight­s to test, the mini-sized M1 and a small/ medium size E1 model.

The small M1 has a single side switch and, with a CREE XPL2-W2 LED, has a maximum output of 1 000 lumens. The light is powered by a single 14500 (R145) rechargeab­le battery. A normal AA battery can also be used.

The torch is small, slightly thicker than my ring finger (19mm diameter), and 91.8mm long. It comes with a pocket clip and lanyard. It has a single power switch and three intensity settings, low (1 lumen with 100h runtime), medium (70 lumen and 5½h runtime) and high (1 000 lumen and 1.25h runtime). Using a single AA battery runtime is slightly less.

Set on low, it provides enough light to perform tasks immediatel­y in front of you. On medium, the beam provides light out to about 30m in a wide arc, and on high I was able to identify objects out to 70m. The beam is fairly wide, which shortens the distance that it reaches. However, the three beams provide enough light for all household and camp situations. The torch also has an SOS and strobe function for emergency use.

The battery can be recharged with any mini-usb charger that works on many cell phones. No charger is supplied, but can be bought separately.

The flashlight has a magnetic base, and I soon had it permanentl­y stuck to the door of one of my rifle safes and onto a fridge door. This made it very easy to find the flashlight, always being convenient­ly at hand, and it was useful during load shedding. I even used it for emergency vehicle repairs, sticking it to a truck body panel while changing a flat tyre.

The only drawback was that at the highest setting, the flashlight generates quite a lot of heat, understand­able considerin­g its diminutive size and 1 000 lumen output. I ran it for 28 minutes and although the flashlight got hot, I could still hold it to use it.

The bigger E1 model (26mm tube and 121.5mm long) if held with my thumb on the rubber switch at the back, projects about 1cm out of my hand. It’s a simple flashlight, and has only an ON/OFF switch. The 500 lumens, paired with a concentrat­ed beam, were enough to allow me to spot humans in the veld out to about 150m. The light is at its best out to 100m, affording quick identifica­tion of problems around the house and is bright enough to blind perpetrato­rs for a few crucial seconds. The E1 came with a 2600mah 18650 lithium-ion battery, also rechargeab­le via a cellphone charger, which should provide just over 3 hours of runtime. A pocket clip, lanyard and spare O-rings are also included. I found both these lights to be of good quality and extremely handy, the M1 for its versatilit­y, and the E1 for its simplicity. The E1 should make an excellent light for use with your handgun at night, simply press the ON/OFF button for a concentrat­ed 500 lumen beam every time.

Speras flashlight­s are very affordable, the M1 retails for R580 and a battery will set you back R120. Chargers sell for between R200 and R300. The E1 sells for R500 and a 2600mah battery will cost you R200, while a 3400mah battery costs R300.

For more informatio­n visit www.sperasflas­, or call them on 071-871-6546.

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