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Letter received via Facebook.

I really like the social media and video extras that you have started using. When you review a firearm, may I suggest that you take a close-up video of it being disassembl­ed, also showing the function of the action. It would add value and may easily be linked from the magazine with a QR code.

When you show the weapon being fired, perhaps also include a shot of the target and a few impression­s expressed by the reviewer. It would also be greatly appreciate­d if you could include informatio­n such as the ready availabili­ty of extra magazines, holsters, replacemen­t sights, grips etc. This is important to both sport shooters and EDC folk. Nice going Magnum, keep it up. – Thys van Zyl, North West

➤ We’re planning a more integrated approach, which will allow for videos on demand and more content on Facebook, for future Magnum editions. We’ll definitely take your advice to heart. – ED

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