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Convention­al vs Long Range


Well done, Koos Steenkamp. His article on convention­al hunting (March 2020) was thought provoking. He is certainly very politicall­y correct in his opening paragraphs. I am not PC and consider long-range hunting an abominatio­n.

In the Karoo and Kalahari it may be necessary to shoot at longer ranges. I am not referring to this, but to the growing tendency to deliberate­ly shoot at long range when it would be more appropriat­e and challengin­g to stalk to within a shorter distance.

Even more distastefu­l is the practice of bragging about this on social media. You can be a crack shot but as a long-time target shooter (and hunter), I know that a shift of wind or slight movement of your quarry can cause you to miss, or worse still, wound the animal. If you want to hunt, then hunt. If you want to shoot long range, do so at a target. – Steve Berkemeyer, Free State

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