Maritzburg Sun (South Africa)

Meda cleans up city

- Jade le Roux

Msunduzi Economic Developmen­t Agency (Meda) has taken the initiative of cleaning the downtown CBD streets, at their own cost, to assist local businesses.

Noting the filth and impact this has on local business and traders in the area, Meda has contracted a cleaning company, PWT Property Care Group, to clean the streets of the downtown business district on Wednesday.

“The city is so filthy and the municipali­ty is doing nothing about it, so businesses are left to clean up the area themselves. We are doing this for the downtown businesses because the area is so dirty and this affects business. It’s embarrassi­ng when your customers have to walk through filth to get to your store,” said Meda chairperso­n Kantha Naidoo.

She added that the drains are blocked, which is a major problem that is not as simple to fix. She pleaded with the municipali­ty to sort the drainage system out.

“The drainage is a huge problem, and we can’t fix that on our own. We’re cleaning up the area for the local businesses because it is so filthy but we need the municipali­ty to do its part and clean the drains,” she said.

The clean-up is scheduled to take place this morning, Wednesday January 19, from 6.30am and will target the areas that require the most cleaning, such as Prince George Street, Retief Street, Church Street and East Street.

While the clean-up is a once off at this stage, Meda is appealing for businesses to contribute to the costs of hiring the cleaning company.

“We are hiring this company to clean the area at our cost. If enough businesses show interest in contributi­ng, we could do another clean-up at a later stage or have them more regularly. If businesses from one area or street decide to all pitch in, they could all contribute to cleaning their street,” she said.

Businesses interested in getting involved can contact Kantha Naidoo on 067 759 2908/ 033 3454 245

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