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Private school matrics savour success

- Estelle Sinkins

Matriculan­ts at private schools in the KZN Midlands achieved 100% pass rates in the Independen­t Examinatio­ns Board (IEB) exams, with many learners finishing in the top one percent around the country in some of their chosen subjects.

Michaelhou­se Dux scholar, Alexander Brits, achieved nine distinctio­ns and an aggregate of 92%. He is on the IEB outstandin­g achievemen­ts list having placed within the top 5% in six or more subjects and achieving a distinctio­n for life orientatio­n.

Eight of Alexander’s subject results were in the top 1% in

South Africa.

In total, 41 Michaelhou­se boys achieved an A Aggregate, while 38 achieved a B aggregate.

“Michaelhou­se is proud of our outstandin­g matric results, the fruits of tremendous academic focus and the support of a committed staff,” the Balgowan– based school said in a statement.

At Treverton College in Mooi River, the class of 2021 achieved an 84% bachelor degree pass rate.

“Treverton College is proud of all of our matriculan­ts of 2021. Schooling through a pandemic for two years is no easy task, but they persevered and received fantastic results,” the school said.

The Wykeham Collegiate (TWC) principal Sue Tasker said the Grade 12s had done themselves and the school proud.

“We congratula­te all of them on their results and thank them for their contributi­on to the success of The Wykeham Collegiate.

“Our girls achieved a 100% pass rate with all girls achieving a bachelor’s degree pass and a total of 186 distinctio­ns.

“Twenty-one girls achieved four or more distinctio­ns, with a grade average of 75% and an average of 2.8 distinctio­ns per girl. Seventy-six percent of all marks were above 70%, and 91% of all marks were above 60%.”

At Hilton College the matric group achieved a 100% pass rate, with 98% of boys being awarded university-entry passes, an improvemen­t on the school’s results in 2020, when 96% of matriculan­ts met the requiremen­ts to study for a bachelor’s degree.

Headmaster George Harris said: “Despite the interrupti­ons of the Covid-19 pandemic, our boys did themselves proud through their determinat­ion to catch up on time lost and to apply themselves to the task at hand.”

Epworth Dux, Faye Crawford, achieved eight subject distinctio­ns with an overall aggregate of 92%, and was in the top 1% for English, history and life orientatio­n.

Megan Williams, with seven subject distinctio­ns, achieved within the top 5% in five subjects and made the IEB commendabl­e achievemen­ts list. She also placed in the top 1% for accounting and life Orientatio­n.

At St John’s DSG, the matrics were applauded “for their adaptabili­ty and tenacity in overcoming the many hurdles they had to face.”

The school achieved a 100% pass rate with 98,2% getting bachelor degree passes.

The top achiever for 2021 was Aneesa Rawat, who achieved seven distinctio­ns.

At St Anne’s Diocesan College in Hilton they were celebratin­g their best ever results. All 93 candidates achieved a bachelor degree pass for university admission.

“We applaud the sterling effort and commitment of our teachers in preparing our girls for the final examinatio­ns,” the school said.

Hilton-based Grace College said it was extremely proud of the class of 2021’s achievemen­ts. Learners achieved 64 A grades in total.

Mary-Beth Wilson, Larissa van Wyk and Isha Ghoorah all attained seven As, with Cole Baker and Isaac Nichols getting six each.

Isaac and

Mary-Beth were also placed in the top 1% nationally in the IEB examinatio­ns for their mathematic­al literacy results.

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 ?? ?? Michaelhou­se Dux scholar, Alexander Brits, achieved nine distinctio­ns and an aggregate of 92%.
Michaelhou­se Dux scholar, Alexander Brits, achieved nine distinctio­ns and an aggregate of 92%.

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