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Grace College celebrates matrics’ success


Isha Ghoorah achieved seven distinctio­ns.

Mary-Beth Wilson, a learner at Grace College, achieved seven distinctio­ns and came in the top 1% nationally for maths literacy, achieving 100% for the subject.

She said she was both shocked and relieved on hearing her results.

Reflecting on the uncertaint­y and chaos that reigned over her final two years of school, MaryBeth said it was challengin­g living in a state of uncertaint­y and anxiety, but she got through it by just taking one day at a time.

“Online learning was not easy,

but the fact that I had access to all these online resources such as wifi and a quality education despite it all made me not want to take it for granted. I wanted to do the best I could with all the resources I was privileged to have,” she added.

She attributed her results to “consistent hard work” and a willingnes­s to sacrifice her time. Mary-Beth will be studying psychology and law at Wits University this year.

Fellow learner Larissa Van

Wyk was very happy with the seven distinctio­ns she obtained in her final matric examinatio­ns. “I was aiming for distinctio­ns, but after finals, I didn’t think I would get all of them.

I’m glad the hard work paid off,” she said.

Larissa is thankful for her strong and supportive friend group, who all studied together and achieved high results.

“I’m very grateful for my teachers’ support and the support from my school. My friends and parents’ support also got me through,” she said.

Jade le Roux

Larissa plans to study law at the University of Pretoria this year.

Hard work paid off for Isha Ghoorah who obtained distinctio­ns in all seven subjects. She said her family played a huge role in keeping her motivated throughout the year.

“Receiving my academic honours last year also motivated me to keep aiming high and pushing forward,” she added.

Isha is also extremely grateful to Grace College and all her teachers who worked so hard to get the matrics ready. “I’m so grateful I went to the school that I did. My teachers were such a strong support system for us,” she said.

Attributin­g her success to her support systems, hard work, discipline and maintainin­g balance,

Isha achieved her work life balance by keeping up with the extra mural activities, including classical Indian dancing, karate classes, and attending Hindi school.

Isha intends to study biomedical science at Wits University.

She has applied to universiti­es in Canada as well and is hoping for a scholarshi­p.

 ?? ?? Larissa Van Wyk scored seven distinctio­ns.
Larissa Van Wyk scored seven distinctio­ns.
 ?? ?? Mary-Beth Wilson achieved seven distinctio­ns.
Mary-Beth Wilson achieved seven distinctio­ns.

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