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St Anne’s top achievers look to the future

- Jade le Roux

St Anne’s top achiever Lilitha Nkulu, achieved distinctio­ns in seven subjects, including 100% for life orientatio­n, and made it to the IEB’s list for outstandin­g achievemen­t for placing in the top 5% in more than five subjects.

Lilitha was incredibly relieved about her results as she had been nervous for the whole festive season. “These results also serve as a fulfilling end to a happy and

memorable high school career,” she said.

Milestones from her matric year were her matric dance, which was almost cancelled, as well as the leadership opportunit­ies at school.

Reflecting on the “sense of crisis” that characteri­sed her pivotal final two years of high school, Lilitha said she felt incredibly privileged to access the online learning St Anne’s provided.

“I was incredibly privileged compared to the majority of senior South African learners who lost a lot of teaching time and this served as a reminder to make the most of the remote learning process and truly appreciate it,” she told Maritzburg Sun.

“While I’ve always worked diligently at school and aimed high, I can’t neglect all the resources that I had at my disposal. These included my teachers as well as my mom who drove down and stayed with me in Hilton during the exam period.”

The extremely demanding academic year was, at times, taxing on her mental health. She is thankful that the boarding school environmen­t surrounded her with people going through similar emotions.

“The chats in the common room really helped to calm me down and keep me going,” Lilitha said.

She will be studying towards a degree in business science at University of Cape Town.

Erin Douglas achieved seven distinctio­ns in her final IEB matric examinatio­ns.

She was excited and surprised on learning of her excellent results, saying: “I was aiming for distinctio­ns but I did not expect to do so well. I’m glad the hard work paid off.”

Reflecting on a stressful year, with a lot of hard work and missed social opportunit­ies due to Covid19, Erin said while it was tiring, she tried to set goals for herself and keep the end in sight.

“I surrounded myself with friends who were focused and provided a strong support system,” she added.

One of the highlights of the year was her matric dance, which she was very glad they got to have this year.

“I just tried to make the most of the moments I did get at school and with my friends,” Erin said.

Her advice to the class of 2022 is to take care of themselves, and remember, “consistenc­y is key”.

Asked how she managed to strike a balance between work and play, Erin said she took rest days and took time out to see friends. She also made time for other activities she enjoyed, such as choir and sport.

Erin will be studying an accounting degree at Stellensbo­sch University.

 ?? ?? Erin Douglas also achieved seven distinctio­ns.
Erin Douglas also achieved seven distinctio­ns.
 ?? ?? Lilitha Nkulu achieved distinctio­ns in all her subjects.
Lilitha Nkulu achieved distinctio­ns in all her subjects.

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