Maritzburg Sun (South Africa)

Religion and Covid-19

- Mohamed Saeed

Over the past two years, we have learnt about the different possible causes and prevention methods of the Covid-19 virus. Similarly, we even read about conspiracy theories, myths, misconcept­ions and what future variants will look like.

With all the mysteries still surroundin­g the novel Covid-19 virus and despite the disagreeme­nts of our contempora­ry scholars on this issue, it is not out of order to also acknowledg­e that the emergence of plagues and disasters is the result of human disobedien­ce to the Almighty’s laws.

While science has its role to play and I am not anti-science, as a Muslim, I believe that we should also look at pandemics and disasters from a religious angle. As humans with our conduct, we have corrupted the earth and environmen­t. If we study the different divine scriptures, we will come across incidents of divine destructio­n due to sin.

In order to mitigate the negative impacts of Covid-19 on humanity, I believe, it is time to improve every expression of our life. We need to examine our monetary dealings and social conduct or behaviour, especially concerning the rights of workers, abusing positions of power and the protection of the environmen­t and social justice.

While everyone is facing unpreceden­ted challenges and the side effects of the virus will have a snowball effect on lives, as humans we need to do some self-reflection or introspect­ion.

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