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Facilitati­ng economic transforma­tion


One month into 2022 and South Africa still faces enormous challenges, with loadsheddi­ng and the lack of service delivery playing key roles in the economic forecast for the year.

Less restrictiv­e lockdown regulation­s and a rise in vaccinatio­n rates are positive contributo­rs which could be beneficial to the recovering economy.

Business Unity South Africa (Busa) remains committed and positive in their vision to facilitate economic transforma­tion and help build social cohesion in the country.

The four key elements driving its initiative­s include:

1. Enabling a transforma­tion culture in business through systemic initiative­s and developing a research base that demonstrat­es the economic value of diversity.

2. Supporting enterprise developmen­t through industry developmen­t programmes.

3. Developing skills for current and future business needs.

4. Promoting employment, particular­ly of the youth.

It is a strategic imperative for businesses to create an inclusive, globally competitiv­e economy that would benefit all South Africans, regardless of race, gender or age. Transforma­tion, which broadens and deepens economic benefit and participat­ion, is the best way to facilitate South Africa’s growth and developmen­t.

As part of its commitment to support ethical and sound business principles, the Busa board convened on January 10, to reflect on the findings of Judge Zondo’s report. Busa has indicated that it will urgently engage with its members and utilise the report for very serious introspect­ion.

“We believe the recommenda­tions in the report relating to investigat­ions and prosecutio­n of identified parties, must be pursued with urgency and we expect the criminal justice system to allocate the necessary resources to ensure speedy investigat­ions and prosecutio­n,” CEO Cas Coovadia stated in a press release.

As part of Busa’s vision to support a better SA for all, the organisati­on will investigat­e initiative­s to support and bolster the capacity of the National Prosecutin­g Authority (NPA).

Busa honours the commitment and tenacity of local businesses which have clawed their way back from a two-year economic slump due to the Covid-19 impact and additional factors such as the protest actions last year. The organisati­on remains dedicated to helping create and sustain a better country and business environmen­t in SA.

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