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Matriculan­t bags 8 As despite undergoing dialysis

- Jade le Roux

DMaeve Miranda obtained eight distinctio­ns and came in the top 5% IEB candidates, despite undergoing dialysis throughout her matric year. espite undergoing dialysis throughout her final, high pressure matric year, top achiever Maeve Miranda still managed to bag eight distinctio­ns, including obtaining 100% for mathematic­s.

Miranda also made it to the IEB Outstandin­g Achievemen­t list for making it into the top 5%.

“I was very excited about my maths mark,” said the Wykeham Collegiate top achiever, adding that she loves mathematic­s.

It’s been a tough year for Miranda health wise. She was diagnosed with a genetic condition, Alport Syndrome, which resulted in her needing to be put on dialysis and she is currently on the list for a kidney transplant. However, Miranda has taken it all in her stride and stayed motivated by her passion and dream of pursuing a career in genetics.

Miranda said she has always been interested in biology and became fascinated with genetics when she learnt the module in matric.

Balancing matric while on dialysis was taxing, but Miranda said she lived for the weekends where could go horse riding “my favourite thing ever”. Her passion for genetics was also her motivation to keep up her academics and get into Wits University, where she will be studying medicine, with the intention of then branching into genetics.

Reflecting on the pandemic and remote learning, Miranda admitted it was easier on her, being an introverte­d person. “I was happy with remote learning and managed to still focus independen­tly, although I did miss my friends,” she said. “The unrest was very stressful though. I just remember being stressed all the time,” she added.

She is also thankful for her many support systems throughout the year, which are her family friends, doctors and the nursing staff. Highlights of her matric year include her “amazing” matric dance and making the most of the last few months with her friends on the school campus.

“My friends and I would take random videos of us at school, and keep updating our lives that way, so we can always look back on them and remember those days.”

Her advice to the class of 2022 is to not stress too much. “Don’t get stressed too early, and always ask for help,” she said.

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