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Gift of the Givers intervenes in Ukraine


Gift of the Givers has heeded the call to provide humanitari­an relief to war-torn Ukraine.

Gift of the Givers’ interventi­on will be twofold: They will provide emergency medical and non-medical assistance to front line facilities and internally displaced civilians inside Ukraine; as well as fund the repatriati­on of South African students wanting to return home.

Over the weekend, Gift of the Givers founder Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman was invited to a very private internatio­nal discussion with representa­tives from Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine Health Ministry, Croatia, one of the chief co-ordinators of humanitari­an assistance in Ukraine, a doctor in Kyiv and surgeons from the USA and Europe. Following the session, they received a call from the Ukraine aid coordinato­r for guidance on various issues.

“We sent a blueprint on how to manage the humanitari­an situation decisively in Ukraine, having faced an almost identical situation in Syria where our South African team set up the Ar Rahma Hospital in the war zone. We also have experience from our engagement in Afghanista­n and Chechnya, countries we have assisted with humanitari­an aid previously,” Sooliman said.

Due to the shortages and skyrocketi­ng prices in Ukraine, Gift of the Givers has been purchasing supplies from wherever they can.

“Arrangemen­ts have been made to purchase items in Europe and in Ukraine. In addition, supplies from South Africa will be sent on scheduled flights. Discussion­s with various pharmaceut­ical companies, medical aid societies and corporate companies wanting to support the initiative are underway.”

There is currently a South African family in Ukraine that is assisting with distributi­ng food on their behalf. The Ukraine Associatio­n of South Africa is also wanting to partner with them and is raising funds from fellow countrymen.

Sooliman said the backing of individual­s and communitie­s has enabled their humanitari­an response. “We are ready for this phase. Add to this the increasing clamour and groundswel­l support from individual­s, communitie­s, organisati­ons and businesses wanting to ease the human suffering, the decision is made for you,” he said.

Those wanting to participat­e in supporting the people of Ukraine and to repatriate South Africans can make deposits into:

Gift of the Givers

Standard Bank, Pietermari­tzburg,

Account number 052137228, Branch Code 057525,

Ref “Ukraine”

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