Maritzburg Sun (South Africa)

Obscenity and vulgar language among youth needs to be addressed

- Mohamed Saeed

Obscenity, rudeness, vulgar language, swear words and profanity have become a serious problem among young adults and students that needs the urgent attention of parents, schools, as well as the community and religious leaders.

Added to this developing culture of using swear words, the entertainm­ent industry lionised it as a more acceptable practice. Sadly, students are displaying disrespect­ful behaviour and using vulgar words at a much younger age. Vulgar words, obscene materials and irresponsi­ble use of social media often leads to poor school performanc­e, distractio­ns, and can lead to unnecessar­y arguments or fights and bullying.

Educating our children is critical in eliminatin­g or reducing these social problems and it is the duty and responsibi­lity of every human being. Students and young adults must be taught that there are other alternativ­es to fighting, bullying and using obscenitie­s and profanity.

Students and young adults need to be taught to make wise choices in life, or they will be held responsibl­e and accountabl­e for their wrong choices. Schools and other learning institutio­ns should not allow inappropri­ate communicat­ion or the use of slang language. Rude behaviour, vulgarity and forbidden relationsh­ips should not be allowed or tolerated and should be made a zero-tolerance offence at schools.

If there is a learning environmen­t and culture created in the classroom and school grounds for effective learning to take place, then children will develop into responsibl­e adults.

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