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Healthy habits for healthy eyesight


Did you know that your overall health can impact your eye health as well? That’s why maintainin­g a healthy vision includes much more than going for a regular vision screening. Here are some tips for optimum eye health.

Stop rubbing your eyes

Eye rubbing is a common, seemingly harmless habit that often goes unnoticed. It is a response to irritation, but it has serious implicatio­ns on your eye health and vision. Keratoconu­s is probably one of the most serious consequenc­es of eye rubbing. Eye rubbing causes the thinning and misshaping of the front eye structures (cornea) which results in severe visual abnormalit­ies. Itching and burning eyes are also not always caused by tiredness. Those uncomforta­ble eyes can be a symptom of allergies, blephariti­s (inflammati­on of the eyelids) or Dry Eye Syndrome.

All of these conditions need to be treated by an eye care profession­al to prevent any damage to your eyes.

Practise good eye make-up hygiene

Eye make-up can be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause unsightly and sometimes dangerous eye infections. All damp eye make-up like mascara and liquid liner should be thrown away three months after opening, to prevent germ build-up. Making sure all makeup is properly removed before you go to sleep is something you can do to prevent eye make-up from blocking important glands

in your eyelids. Those glands are responsibl­e for helping your tears to function, and if they are blocked, blephariti­s and dry eye disease are some of the expected consequenc­es.

Know your risk factors

Medication­s can also have mild to severe effects on the eye, thus it is important to educate yourself when you are starting new medication. Remember that prevention is better than cure!

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