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Men's Health - Belly Off Guide - - BELLY OFF! GUIDE 2016 -

Right now, you’re hold­ing this guide in your hands, flip­ping through the pages, try­ing to get in­spired to do some­thing about your weight. You want mo­ti­va­tion, ad­vice. Look no fur­ther. This is ex­actly the hand­book for you.

With this Men’s Health Belly Off! Guide, you’ll have the power to trans­form your­self, body and mind. Sim­ply by pick­ing up this guide, you’ve al­ready taken a cru­cial first step in the right di­rec­tion. Fol­low the ad­vice within its pages and you’ll be able to re­alise your goals and make health, fit­ness and nutri­tion a part of your ev­ery­day life (in­stead of just those first few hope­ful weeks of Jan­uary). This guide is loaded with the lat­est re­search to help you oblit­er­ate your bad habits, and max­imise your weight loss po­ten­tial. You’ll learn the ex­er­cise moves that will blast your body fat and boost your me­tab­o­lism. You’ll find the foods to eat, how and when to eat them. And you’ll dis­cover the fat-burn­ing secrets that will help you reach your goals ef­fi­ciently and ef­fec­tively.

The struc­ture of this guide is sim­ple but pow­er­ful. In Part 1: Join the Belly Off! Club you’ll read true sto­ries of real men – guys just like you – who made the de­ci­sion to get into shape. Learn from their hard-earned lessons, and be in­spired by their suc­cess. Part 2: Lose Your Gut! builds on that, by giv­ing you prac­ti­cal, easy-to-fol­low ad­vice on how to lose weight… and keep it off. We’ll show you what’s hold­ing you back, and open up the road to your suc­cess. Part 3: Ramp Up Your Work­outs is where the fun starts. We’ve hand­picked fat-shred­ding work­outs that will give you the re­sults you’re looking for. Our three-phase plan will at­tack the flab that’s hold­ing you back, and help you build strength and re­veal your best body ever. But none of those body-chang­ing work­outs would be use­ful with­out the right fuel. That’s where Part 4: Fuel Your Fat Loss comes in. Here we pro­vide you with ex­actly what you need when the urge to snack strikes.

This Belly Off! Guide of­fers you mo­ti­va­tion, ad­vice and real-life so­lu­tions – no mat­ter how old you are. In short, it’s your blue­print for a life­time of fit­ness.

All you need to do is read on.

This guide is your blue­print for get­ting the fit, healthy body you want. As a mem­ber of the Men’s Health Belly Off! Club, we’ll be with you ev­ery step of the way.

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