Phase 2: Siz­zle and Chisel

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This four-week to­tal-body fat torcher will boost your strength in a hurry and fire up your me­tab­o­lism all day long

TRAIN­ERS KNOW THE KEY TO SCULPT­ING A LEAN, CHIS­ELLED PHYSIQUE: CON­SIS­TENCY. YOU NEED TO PUSH YOUR LIM­ITS a few times a week, ev­ery week, with work­outs that in­ten­sify as you grow stronger. If you fol­lowed last month’s train­ing plan – Phase 1 in our 90-day trans­for­ma­tion se­ries – you’re on the right track. “You’ve prob­a­bly no­ticed an in­crease in your work ca­pac­ity, or the num­ber of reps you can do in a given amount of time,” says Robert dos Reme­dios, strength and con­di­tion­ing coach. “Ex­pect that trend to con­tinue this month but with even greater fat loss and strength gains. Skipped Phase 1? “You can jump right in with this month’s plan,” says Dos Reme­dios. “But you’ll get the best re­sults if you go back and start with the first phase.”


The half Turk­ish getup is seen as a core ex­er­cise, but it’s far from an iso­la­tion move. “It works ev­ery­thing – shoul­ders, hips, back, core, arms and so many other mus­cles you never even think of,” says Dos Reme­dios. “It’s about as com­plete a full-body ex­er­cise as you’ll find.” That also makes it more com­plex than moves with nar­rower tar­get ar­eas. Fol­low these tips to pull off this com­pre­hen­sive mus­cle builder with per­fect form.

Keep Your Eye on the Weight

The key to the ex­er­cise is to push the weight straight up. “If you don’t keep your eye on it, it will get away from you,” says Dos Reme­dios. “You’ll push it for­wards or let it dip back­wards, and then it’s all over.” Don’t let the weight con­trol you.

Slide Your Hand Back­wards

“You want to punch the weight as high as you can, by slid­ing your hand back to where your el­bow had been,” Dos Reme­dios says. Do­ing this also achieves full ex­ten­sion of your tho­racic spine, im­prov­ing up­per-body mo­bil­ity.

Roll onto Your Fore­arm

“The big­gest mis­take I see peo­ple make is try­ing to sit straight up,” says Dos Reme­dios. In­stead, fire your core and roll up onto your op­po­site el­bow and fore­arm. Now you’re in a po­si­tion to push the weight up as you raise your torso off the floor.

Don’t Lift Your Foot off the Floor

“Keep­ing the foot of your bent leg on the floor helps dis­trib­ute the load more evenly,” says Dos Reme­dios. “Press­ing your foot into the floor fires up more mus­cles, like your glutes and hips, giv­ing you more strength and power.”

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