Phase 1: Fu­ri­ous Fat Loss

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YOU’VE HEARD THE AD­VICE: SWITCH UP YOUR ROU­TINE EV­ERY FOUR TO SIX WEEKS TO AVOID PLATEAUS. BUT WITH SO many ex­er­cises to choose from, this can eas­ily be­come an ex­er­cise in frus­tra­tion – un­less you start with the moves be­low. Pep­per them through­out your work­outs or com­bine all 10 for the ul­ti­mate to­tal-body cir­cuit. Ei­ther way, you’ll en­joy the same pay­offs: more mus­cle, fewer in­juries and a body that seems tai­lor-made for slim-fit shirts.

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Most ex­er­cises have two things in com­mon: “They take place in one plane of mo­tion and they keep both your feet on the ground,” says Robert dos Reme­dios, head strength and con­di­tion­ing coach at Cal­i­for­nia’s Col­lege of the Canyons. The dumb­bell single-leg straight-leg deadlift ups the ante by adding an el­e­ment of in­sta­bil­ity, forc­ing your core to work over­time to keep you bal­anced. “That’s why it’s such a pow­er­ful ex­er­cise and a dif­fi­cult one to master,” says Dos Reme­dios. Here’s how to do it with per­fect form.

Point Your Foot Down

Keep your back leg in line with your torso and point your toes at the floor. “That will help you main­tain sta­bil­ity and con­trol,” says Dos Reme­dios. “If your toes point out, you’re go­ing to start open­ing your hips and tip­ping over.”

Keep Your Head Up

“If you drop your eyes, your shoul­ders will round,” says Dos Reme­dios. “That in turn will cause you to lose the arch in your lower back and in­crease the stress on your spine.” Keep your chest up for the same rea­son.

Aim for Your Toes

As you lower, keep the weights close to your leg. “This en­sures that you hinge for­wards by push­ing your hips back in­stead of bend­ing at the waist,” says Dos Reme­dios. “If I were to put my hand 20 cen­time­tres be­hind your butt, you should hit it.”

Don’t Touch Down

Un­less you feel your­self fall­ing, don’t let the toes of your rear foot make con­tact with the floor. “That will force the leg you’re stand­ing on to work harder for bal­ance,” says Dos Reme­dios. The harder your mus­cles work, the faster they grow.

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