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CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS: YOU’VE REACHED THE HOME STRETCH OF YOUR 90-DAY TO­TAL-BODY UP­GRADE. BUT DON’T EX­PECT TO cruise to the fin­ish line. “You’re go­ing to turn up the dial on your train­ing with heav­ier weights and com­plex combo moves that will tax your mus­cles and push your lim­its,” says Robert dos Reme­dios. And with greater ef­fort comes greater re­ward – in the form of rock-hard mus­cle on a frame that’s al­ready been chis­elled by Phases 1 and 2. (If you haven’t com­pleted those phases yet, you can down­load them free at “It’s okay to start with Phase 3,” says Dos Reme­dios, “but each phase builds on the one be­fore, so the great­est gains come from do­ing them in or­der.” And once you’ve fin­ished all three, you’ll never again have to won­der what it feels like to be in shape.

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Think of the in­verted row as a chest press for your back. But in ad­di­tion to hit­ting the mus­cles of your mid­dle and up­per back, it also tar­gets your core. “It’s like get­ting two ex­er­cises for the price of one,” says Dos Reme­dios. “And when you do it with one arm, the chal­lenge to your core be­comes even greater.” In short, you take a killer ex­er­cise and make it even tougher. Fol­low these tips to master the tech­nique and ac­cel­er­ate your gains.

Start with Your Work­ing Arm Per­fectly Straight

The shoul­der of your work­ing arm should be di­rectly be­low the hand grip­ping the bar. “The load is great­est in that po­si­tion,” says Dos Reme­dios. “And re­turn­ing to it at the end of each rep­e­ti­tion will give you a full range of mo­tion.”

Use Your Feet

Un­like the stan­dard in­verted row (done with legs straight), the single-arm ver­sion is done with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. “That makes the load man­age­able,” says Dos Reme­dios. “I don’t know anyone who can do this ex­er­cise with good form while keep­ing their legs straight.”

Brace Your Core

The goal here is sta­bil­ity. “If you don’t en­gage your core, you’ll find it more dif­fi­cult to main­tain con­trol,” says Dos Reme­dios. “You also won’t get the full ben­e­fit of the ex­er­cise. You’ll hit your up­per back, but your core won’t come into play as much.”

Go Above the Bar

Reach for the ceil­ing with your free hand as you raise your chest to the bar. “Think of that arm as a helper,” says Dos Reme­dios. “A lot of guys don’t re­alise how hard this ex­er­cise is, and reach­ing for the ceil­ing with your free hand will off­set some of the load and help you main­tain your bal­ance.”

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