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Sarvesh Govin­der over­came a bro­ken back to lose a colos­sal 121kg

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THE GAIN I was al­ways a big kid and I grew up ac­cept­ing it. I played sport at school, but was never as fit as my team­mates. I started gain­ing more weight to­wards the end of high school but didn’t see it as a prob­lem. Once I started at col­lege things got out of hand; junk food be­came a sta­ple along with two new hob­bies, drink­ing and smok­ing. I couldn’t find clothes to fit me and be­fore I knew it I was over the 200kg mark. At 22 I was obese, hy­per­ten­sive and bor­der­line di­a­betic.

THE CHANGE It hap­pened just like in the movies. I was walk­ing back from a meet­ing and stopped in front of a mir­ror. For the first time in my life I truly saw my­self an­dall the con­ver­sa­tions with doc­tors and fam­ily fi­nally made sense.

THE STRAT­EGY I went cold turkey. I stopped drink­ing, smok­ing, cut out all junk food, sweets and the big­gest cul­prit: fizzy drinks and juices. I started eat­ing proper meals and drink­ing up to three litres of wa­ter a day. Things were go­ing re­ally well un­til I hit the 150 kilo­gram mark – I had reached my plateau and had to start adding in an ex­er­cise rou­tine. I started walk­ing and jog­ging lightly in the be­gin­ning, and within weeks I was back on track. In 2011, I had to have spinal surgery – I had four her­ni­ated disks from all the years of be­ing over­weight and the added im­pact of play­ing sports with all that bulk. It was a tough pe­riod to get through, but with the help of my fam­ily and pure de­ter­mi­na­tion I sol­diered on.

THE RE­WARD Fit­ting into nor­mal clothes is a sim­ple plea­sure that I will al­ways trea­sure. I’ve been given a new life and I’m go­ing to make the best of it. To­day I’m a fit­ness freak, I gym at least three times a week, run twice a week and try to fit in some MMA classes if there’s time.

THE RE­SULT I lost a to­tal of 121kg, my waist went from a size 54 to a 34 to 36 and my shirt size went from 4XL to a medium. I have my con­fi­dence back and I’m ded­i­cated to liv­ing healthily. I want to help peo­ple to achieve their goals be­cause it isn’t easy and help isn’t al­ways freely avail­able. I re­ally owe a big thank you to my fam­ily and friends who have sup­ported me on my jour­ney. To all of those who think it’s im­pos­si­ble, it’s not!

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