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Ev­ery day is a new chal­lenge, and whether you choose to face it headon or run away de­pends on how much steel you have in your men­tal ar­moury. Tyson Brink­ley thought he’d lost his fight­ing spirit af­ter his rugby days were over. But af­ter com­pletely de­vot­ing him­self to a new, fit and healthy life­style, he is now equipped with the con­fi­dence and the mus­cle power to take on life’s ob­sta­cles. This is his story.


“I’ve been a rugby player all my life; my train­ing was largely power-based, and re­lated to rugby and per­for­mance on the field. How­ever, af­ter hanging up my boots I gained some weight. Be­cause I wasn’t used to be­ing fit out­side of rugby. I de­cided I needed to shift my train­ing fo­cus slightly, to bal­ance it out.“

THE LES­SON Tyson re­alised he needed to drop a few ki­los, but also in­crease the car­dio and still main­tain strength, which is needed in events such as War­rior races – his new-found pas­sion.


“I de­cided to change gyms, and try some­thing new. I was get­ting bored with the same old iso­la­tion and rug­by­based ex­er­cises. So I de­cided to join Fit­strong (owned by Trevor Lager­wey). Fit­strong is a func­tional train­ing gym, fo­cus­ing on im­prov­ing your func­tion­al­ity, flex­i­bil­ity and well-be­ing through key body move­ments and ob­sta­cle-course­type train­ing. Af­ter do­ing a few classes and find­ing my­self gasp­ing for air and sweat­ing like never be­fore, I de­cided this was home.”

THE LES­SON Although see­ing re­sults is key to stay­ing mo­ti­vated, you need to be re­al­is­tic, and give your­self time to achieve your goals.


“Giv­ing 110% com­mit­ment, forc­ing my­self to do work­outs and ex­er­cises that I usu­ally wouldn’t do. It’s taught me to em­brace var­i­ous ex­er­cises, even when it’s the last thing I feel like do­ing, An­other ma­jor fea­ture has been my change in diet – which went from junk food to con­sis­tently healthy eat­ing. Hav­ing some­one like Trevor as a men­tor is a great help, be­cause he al­ways tries to in­spire his mem­bers, no mat­ter what their cir­cum­stances.”

THE LES­SON Think out­side the box. Don’t be afraid to try some­thing new. And per­se­vere – you may not see the re­sults im­me­di­ately, but you will ben­e­fit!


“The vis­i­ble re­sults have been my main mo­ti­va­tion for train­ing, I know los­ing al­most 8kg isn’t such a lot. But I re­alised that the per­for­mance, life­style and aes­thetic dif­fer­ences are what count. I’ve gone from en­ter­ing ob­sta­cle-course races for fun – and to see what hap­pens by the end – to com­pet­ing and even win­ning an Impi, and com­ing fourth in a War­rior race. They never said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it – and it def­i­nitely has been. I’m not stop­ping here!”

THE LES­SON Hav­ing goals and sur­round­ing your­self with in­spir­ing peo­ple makes it eas­ier to stay fo­cused.

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